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Great game! i dont play surrival games a lot because they stress me out but i liked this one.

thanks for making and sharing this

Very nicely done! I don't usually play survival of the element games, but this one drew me in from the get-go. I particularly love the knitted scarf health/warmth bar. Definitely wish there was more, but only because I want to keep playing and exploring!


I really enjoyed playing this game! Cool idea to combine retro and survival gathering together. It worked wonderfully and was a lot of fun. I only wish there was more! Awesome job!

Nice ;)


Great game! Really enjoyed the crafting concept and the minimalistic artwork. For a game made in under 48 hours, this is very nicely done. 

Thanks man! 

Yesterday I uploaded a new version, which improves a few small things, like the map is no longer rectangular, but instead a nice round island.

Many of the things you said are already on my todo list, but I don't know if and when I will implement them. But thanks anyway for the nice video and the cool ideas :D

Funny game. Nice job.🎇

fyi this was featured on waypoint:

wow awesome. Thanks for the link :D

Impressive. I could barely finish my game.

Love this little game.  Art is great.

Nice little game, the endings are a bit anti climactic though

Pretty nice started wanting to build a village.

Interacting with objects is a little unresponsive, but overall a nice little experience that can be completed in 5 min once you figure it out

yeah, I updated the trigger areas today, so it should feel a bit better now :)