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A nice short survival game.



Interessing to play. A longer version with adventure events should be really cool !

this is beautiful! thank you so much for making this! <3<3<3

I fucking loved this game! It was short, but i loved it. The graphics where great, and the game play was nice. Would love to see a longer version. Amazing job!

Great game, I enjoy it a lot!


Not bad! I had a little trouble working out how to interpret the messages about making the upgrades, and exactly where and how I needed to stand to do the upgrades. Also, I had to unplug my joystick to make it playable with the keyboard.

Those are minor technical glitches, though. The game itself was quite good. The art is well done: the retro style is charming, and all the relevant game elements were easy to interpret. Managing the warmth reserve wasn't difficult, really, but it added an element of challenge that made the game much more interesting, AND it really brought home the threat of the cold.

The game was short and simple, and somewhat lacking in replay value. However, I'm not going to count that against the game for two reasons: first, it was made in only 48 hours, and more importantly, the game has everything it needs to convey its message. "A machine should contain no unnecessary parts for the same reason that a drawing should contain no unnecessary lines," and this game contains no unnecessary elements.

I give this game one thumb up for quality work under time pressure and one thumb up for appropriate minimalism. :)

Thanks for the nice review!  and I'm really happy that you like it :)

This was so fun! Is it open source on github for people to make pull requests?

Great game! i dont play surrival games a lot because they stress me out but i liked this one.

thanks for making and sharing this

Very nicely done! I don't usually play survival of the element games, but this one drew me in from the get-go. I particularly love the knitted scarf health/warmth bar. Definitely wish there was more, but only because I want to keep playing and exploring!


I really enjoyed playing this game! Cool idea to combine retro and survival gathering together. It worked wonderfully and was a lot of fun. I only wish there was more! Awesome job!

Nice ;)


Great game! Really enjoyed the crafting concept and the minimalistic artwork. For a game made in under 48 hours, this is very nicely done. 

Thanks man! 

Yesterday I uploaded a new version, which improves a few small things, like the map is no longer rectangular, but instead a nice round island.

Many of the things you said are already on my todo list, but I don't know if and when I will implement them. But thanks anyway for the nice video and the cool ideas :D

Funny game. Nice job.🎇

fyi this was featured on waypoint:

wow awesome. Thanks for the link :D

Impressive. I could barely finish my game.

Love this little game.  Art is great.


Nice little game, the endings are a bit anti climactic though

Interacting with objects is a little unresponsive, but overall a nice little experience that can be completed in 5 min once you figure it out

yeah, I updated the trigger areas today, so it should feel a bit better now :)