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This game is my submission for the LibGDX game jam. Due to a lack of time, it is more a prototype than a final game, but you can play it anyway :)

If you want to learn about the development of this game, have a look at the DevLog:

The source code is available at GitLab.

The Game

You are the owner of a small space station, orbiting a gas giant. In order to keep your people alive, you have to mine resources, increase your station and have a steady supply of oxygen, food and water.

Things aren't easy, so you have to manage the storage space carefully. If your storage is filled up with CO2 and there's no space left for oxygen, your people will suffocate.

But don't worry, if people die, you can create new ones through the cloning facility (if you have one...).
But that will cost you some biomass and other resources.

Getting started

First of all, every space station needs storage for gases, liquids, solids and energy. If a storage is full, your machines stop producing! So make sure that you have always enough space.

Most buildings will cost metal and electronics, but some will need a bit more, like plastic. To get metal, you need a Meteor Collector, which will produce rocks. The Rock Crusher can use those rocks to produce metal and silicon.
To generate electronics, you need a Circuit Factory. It will then generate electronics out of silicon and plastic. But how do we get plastic? Plastic is generated by the PlasticGen, which will in turn need again other things...

So as you can see, you have a lot to do. At the beginning it might happen that your people will die pretty fast, so I guess, you will have to reload a lot of savegames ;)


Everything can be done with a mouse. You select something in the menu and place it via a left click. If you're done with placing, you can make a right click to deactivate the selected tool.

To move the camera you just hold the middle mouse button down and move around. Just like in Blender or Gimp.


SolarColony.jar 9 MB

Install instructions

This game is based on Java, so in order to play it, you need to have Java installed.

To start the game, just run the file with the Java Runtime. It will then generate a savegame folder in the same directory.


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InfectedBytes , this game is great. Do you have the time to try to make another awesome game?

thanks! :)
Well, I'd love to make other games, but unfortunatelly I don't have that much time for bigger games. But I like to participate in game jams and you could check out my other Games

Understandable. Thank you.

don't see a file to run, so how do you start the game

it's a java game, so you need to have java installed and then you just double click the file

i found out you need to right click the .rar file and chose to run with java, then it asked me to create a save and as soon as i do it crashes

If you don't have the .jar file associated with java, you could also create a simple batch file (for e.g. run.bat) with the following content:
java -jar SolarColony.jar

the run.bat worked, thanks

not for me

Very nice game and nice idea! I really like it!

I wonder: Now the Algae produces O2 out of nothing. Wouldn't it be better to change Rock Crusher to Energy+Rock -> S + Metal + H2O and Algae to Energy + H2O -> O2? (Basically photosynthesis).


Of course there is much potential for improvements and your suggestion is really nice^^
Since this was just for a gamejam, I am not working on this game anymore, but maybe I will create a new and better version someday :)

If you like you can modify the game by yourself. All game data for the generators is basically defined in a textfile inside of the archive. So you can just open the game with a tool like WinRAR and then modify the generators.json file.

How do I get Waste (not Dry Waste)? Because that is my problem, I don't have enough waste to produce some resources...

Waste is only produced by citizens.
They will consume food and water and will produce waste. Waste is a liquid resource, so if there is not enough space for liquids, the waste will be disposed to space and is forever lost.

Thank you sir :)

no problem :)