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Very nice game and nice idea! I really like it!

I wonder: Now the Algae produces O2 out of nothing. Wouldn't it be better to change Rock Crusher to Energy+Rock -> S + Metal + H2O and Algae to Energy + H2O -> O2? (Basically photosynthesis).


Of course there is much potential for improvements and your suggestion is really nice^^
Since this was just for a gamejam, I am not working on this game anymore, but maybe I will create a new and better version someday :)

If you like you can modify the game by yourself. All game data for the generators is basically defined in a textfile inside of the archive. So you can just open the game with a tool like WinRAR and then modify the generators.json file.

How do I get Waste (not Dry Waste)? Because that is my problem, I don't have enough waste to produce some resources...

Waste is only produced by citizens.
They will consume food and water and will produce waste. Waste is a liquid resource, so if there is not enough space for liquids, the waste will be disposed to space and is forever lost.

Thank you sir :)

no problem :)